GOM Player

I watch movies on my computer before I burn them to DVD. Usually with Nero Showtime or Windows Media Player. Since Nreo SHowtime has been giving me troubles lately, I’ve been using the Win Media Player the most. But I’ve been looking for something a bit more convenient.
Recently I have tried a new. to me, media player named GOM Player. Its small and has a lot of good features. So far its working well. No codec problems.

I recommend it.

GOM Player

sounds nice. looks better (from the GUI ) then VLC
i’ll try it

Gel -
IMO, VLC is just too intrusive. It seems to ‘take-over’ too many apps for my preferences.

So far the GOM player looks to be a better alternative.
Once you install it, right click on it and look at the various features it contains. Pretty cool.

Wow, I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank our IT dept for using such shitty web filtering software that it forbids me from following your link, TC.

This is the same web filtering software that previously blocked an image of some trees (yes, I said “trees”).