Good but cheap protein-where to get?

I am wondering where to buy some good Whey protein like Prolab or N-Large in Taiwan that isn’t three times that of Canada. I can’t believe the sick mark-up here. Anyone know a warehouse or something?

Couldnt you just go with Chicken or eggs Tank?


Well, the only place I know of is GNC, and although the price labelled is 3 times what you’d pay back home, if you get the membership they take 20% off all your purchases and it ends up being only about double…

if that makes sense…


P.S. I’m a big fan of the tea eggs at 7-11. Good source of protein, but unfortunately it’s not too healthy to eat them every day.

Costco in Neihu.

Depends what you pay in Canada? I get 10lb tubs of American import whey through a friend of a friend at my gym for $2000. That’s cheaper than I could get it in the UK (NT$2400) but whether you think that’s good value or not is up to you.

You can go see the boss of Center Gym on Shi Da rd. / Roosevelt Rd. - Huang A Wen 黃阿文 or PM me and I’ll put you in touch. He can get creatine etc. as well.

You can reach his cell on 0920 463 567, I think he speaks English… a really cool guy and very approachable, won’t stiff you (too much).