Good butchers or meat suppliers in Taipei?

Where is the best butcher in Taipei?
Roast Beef, Roast Pork, Lamb (any cuts ie shoulder, gigot etc…)
Filet mignon, minute steak, ribsteak etc…etc…

Breeze doesn’t have much when it comes to raw meat. Costco has very nice lamb shoulder and lamb chop.

I remember a couple of years ago i was driving through Tien Mu and found a butcher there that had some nice stuff. But besides that NOTHING when it comes to meat cut.

So? Where is the BEST butcher in the Taipei area?

We went to Costco and my Taiwanese wife showed a picture of a beef roast cut that we got off a USDA website, explain the weight and quality that we wanted and he cut it exactly as we wanted. It was really great but a bit spendy. Other than that, I have had the same dismal experiences with beef and pork cuts in Taiwan. FE21 in Banciao (Jungshan Rd, Section 1) has some good cuts but, again, about the same as Costco.


Only at the bigger hyperstores they have what you call a butcher and maybe a few in Tianmu.

But you can always take a pick at the local wetmarkets. The guys with the meat hanging around are “butchers”.

Anyway, if you live a distance from a big hypermarket it’s difficult to find a decent butcher, and mostly they sell pork, good beef is difficult to find with the locals. It’s like they have only a few cuts and some minced meat at least concerning beef. They just cater for stirfrying or hotpot use.

Most butchers have nice pork cuts hanging though, but you need to know how to prepare or cut it. And mostly it’s fresh daily because Taiwanese are pork crazy.

It looks ugly though, all the meat hanging without cooling. Hey but meat needs to mature before prepared and eaten.

There’s a butcher in Mucha who supplies meat to a lot of the local restaurants and always seems to have a lot of raw meat available. Lamb, beef, fish, etc. Steaks have been good on the rare occassions I have bought them. Lamb chops also good. Can even get a lamb’s head if I remember correctly. Also sells a few western groceries like beans, canned chili, pizza shells, hot dogs, nacho chips, salsa, spices, that sort of thing. And a few sandwich meats: smoked salmon, ham, turkey, ham. The Virginia ham, when he has it, is quite nice.

Nice clean shop, not in a night market. Called Jack Butchery.

Tell you what. Invite me over for a plateful of your roast leg of lamb tonight and I’ll tell you where to find the best butcher in Taipei. :laughing:

Oh Man…That lamb was good…!!! :smiley:

Muchaman, can you give us directions to the butcher shop you mentioned in your earlier post?

Looking to get a nice chunk o beef for xmas roast. Any suggestions? Costco?

Last time I was at Costco in YungHe I saw some very nice looking beef roasts. I didn’t check the price but they looked to be about 2-3 kilo and nicely cut.
In the past I have printed a USDA beef cut chart from the internet and used it for a guide at the butcher shop. I am pretty picky about the butcher I use but I don’t have a regular. I just use a clean looking one at the market but I always buy my meat in the early am. Fresher and cleaner.

Anyone know where the best meat market is? I was considering picking up some kind of grill or BBQ if I can find a good one anywhere, but along with that I need good meat.

Not the thin sliced beef that looks like bacon. I haven’t really seen anything very good anywhere. I would be looking for leg of lamb chunks, steaks, pork chops etc.

Also along with whatever grill I get I want to get a chimney starter. Does anyone know where to go for these?

Or I am considering a small hibachi style gas grill.

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I think you posted this in the wrong forum… but let’s see…
Costco has a good selection of meat, well at least for Taiwanese standards and I guess if money is no concern, then you can check out CitySuper or Jasons as well.
BBQ’s, have you had a look in B&Q or Homebox? I guess it’s not the right time of the year to get one right now though, as they’re more of an autumn thing here afaik. Most of them would be gas BBQ’s at least if you want something bigger than what most people would consider a portable BBQ and in that case it would be charcoal. Or you could go electric :smiley:

I would say Roxy 99 or Vibe, but you already knew that! :sunglasses:

There’s a restaurant chain called something like Toros which have great huge slabs of meat in refrigerators on show. I’m guessing that would be for sale. There’s one of these steak restaurants on ZhongZhun road, close to the ZhungShan road intersection, near Shilin MRT station in case you were interested.

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Sorry, but thanks for the responses anyways. Can anyone of the mods move this post to the food forum or should I be redundant and post it again there?

Yeah, Costco is your best bet if you have some freezer space or if you’re entertaining six or more. They have nice, thick steaks, all kinds of cuts, as well as economical 2+kg packs of chicken, and various prepared platters good for accompanying those if you’re throwing a party. They also have big, economical rolls of foil, big jugs of BBQ sauces, and so on.

Cool dude. My girlfriend’s Uncle has a membership. Do you know if you can borrow thier membership card and go there to buy stuff, or is it a picture ID?

I will be all over that!! I am a big lamb guy. I like lamb chops, leg of lamb chunks skewered, round bone chops (dunno if thats what they are called but they have a round bone in them), ground lamb etc. I like ground lamb over ground beef actually.

So maybe I can fanagle some lamb while I am getting some nice porterhouses!

I was at Jason’s yesterday checking out the meat. Some nice marbled cuts but they are very expensive. I used to live down the street from this market7 called Holiday in Mi. It had AMAZING meat. I miss it now becuase I could get a nice steak on special for around $8.00 USD, or I could have the butcher special cut me chunks of lamb leg meat for $7.00 a lb. Amazingly tender lamb, and very tasty. Great for shish kabob on the BBQ.

It’s a picture ID and they do check the picture. However, the member can take one or two guests in with them.

[quote=“Gifthorse”]Anyone know where the best meat market is? I was considering picking up some kind of grill or BBQ if I can find a good one anywhere, but along with that I need good meat.

Not the thin sliced beef that looks like bacon. I haven’t really seen anything very good anywhere. I would be looking for leg of lamb chunks, steaks, pork chops etc.

If you want beef and don’t have a Costco card, try going to Carrefour in the morning. They get their big pieces of meat in the morning and cut them up to sell throughout the day. If you arrive early enough (say, before noon) they may have a large uncut piece left that you can get a 1kg or larger piece from, then cut your own steaks. The same is probably true of their pork.

As for lamb, that’s one of the few things I miss about Korea. I’ve never seen a halal shop (muslim food) or Indian food…but then, I’ve never really looked either. In Itaewon (Seoul), import shops (white/grey/black market) are easy to find.

I saw a halal butcher in Taipei a little while back, never went to check it out closer. It was near the Guting MRT station, exit 4. Go around the corner from the Starbucks and it’s somewhere between there and before you get to the NTNU on Heping West Rd sec 1. I have no idea if they’re any good, but they had big chunks of meat hanging there when I went past.

Lamb is really hard to get here and apart from a few frozen legs of lamb that I’ve seen in Carrefour, most of it is really fatty and nasty here. The stuff from Costco is good though.

Jason’s in 101 has VERY tasty lamb chops, at a price; Wellman’s in Tianmu has decent ground lamb for your Middle Eastern recipes, at a very good price. The stuff at the local supermarkets is, er, edible, but it’s definitely not the good stuff.

If frozen stuff is OK, check out these guys:


They are right next (~200m) to the Carrefour in Neihu. I got my long-sought-after duck breasts there, and they seemingly import lots of stuff, also lamb and beef.

Their english is almost non-existant, though, so better write down what you want in chinese :slight_smile:

LPeterC posted a while ago:

[quote]They are selling lamb shoulder chop for $500/kg.
Mayfull also got cubed lamb for $250/kg.[/quote]