Good campgrounds down South

Looking for a good place to take a group of 30 teenagers the first weekend in July; they want to camp out, but we are in KH so don’t want to go TOO far away. Most of the best sites have limited access since Morakot. Any suggestions?? Please help!

:slight_smile: Thanks!

You should consider the Samaji Campsite…it’s a nice campsite on Little Liuqiu, which really isn’t too far from Kaohsiung (maybe a 40 minute boat ride from Donggang). I’ve only stayed in the cabins, but I remember there being quite a few campsites that overlook the ocean. Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but check it out.

There is (was?) a camping site at Chengching lake. I camped there about ten years ago to try and break the wife into the idea, to no avail. I couldn’t tell you what their capacity is but it would be easy enough to go have a look. There are also a few campsites in Kenting, one right on the ocean. You can get up to Meishan now if you are looking for mountains. There is a small campground there next to the tourist center on the main road. Get there early to get a wooden platform for your tents.