Good cheese?


Hello, does anyone know where to buy good cheese in Taipei for spaghetti? I tried many of them but mostly are sweet or just not good in general. Does anyone know where I can buy cheese that tastes good or which brand is the best?
Thank you:)


I heard Carnegies has good one. Just go on Wednesday night and get your spoon-full once the “ladies” are dancing on the bar counter.


COSTCO? Buy a block and grate it yourself.


Help us out, what have you used before and where did you buy it?

To me, cheese is cheese, I’m happy with buying the cheap shredded mozzarella at PX Mart for my pasta, but according to some others here, it’s really not cheese.


Honestly, there’s really non. You might contact some Italian restaurants who import cheese for their restaurant to see if they can order some for you.


Cheese for spaghetti…do you mean like parmesan?
Best cheese available in Taiwan is the stuff from Costco*. Some of it is made in the US following the original method, some of it is imported from Italy. The quality is not bad. There are also chunks of fresh mozzarella (Zanetti maybe? Can’t remember the brand name) that are pretty good for sandwiches, pizzas etc.

  • = if you want to spend some time shopping around, you may find small stores that import good quality cheese directly from Italy France etc, but they charge you an arm and a leg.


Every high end western super market has an cheese counter with lots of imported cheeses (Jason’s, City Super, etc.). Assuming you are looking parmigiano, asiago, or pecorino, they would have all of these. Last week I bought parmigiano and pecorino from the City Super below SOGO.


Yes, I’ve seen proper EUropean cheese there. Prices are not wallet-friendly, though xD
I think it depends if it has to be a “one of” or a regular purchase. In general I find Costco’s cheese to strike a good balance of price/quality, though every now and then when I find some real Pecorino, Brie etc etc I’lljust bite the bullet and buy it.


For the best cheap alternative, go to a Filipino grocery store. Ask for Eden Cheese. :wink:

For moderate to expensive ones, Jason’s and City Super should do.


Definitely grate yourself. There seems to be a strange powder on grated cheese to keep it from sticking.


RT-Mart has slices (150g) of Grana Padano on sale for NT$99.


There’s a cheese shop my girlfriends friend opened in shilin. I’m actually going with her today and buying some. I’ll let you guys know the place.


any update? Know it’s old, but she still open? Good cheese?


Try gustos


City Super is expensive and has a cheese counter and huge prepacked cheeses fridge.


Definitely Gusto’s. Went to pick some goodies up this past Sunday. Great place.


They have more variety of cheese as well from different countries. Gusto is exclusively Italian cheese, unless they’ve decided to get other countries but I doubt it. Hard to imagine an Italian selling French cheese at his cheese shop.


For some Costco will do just fine!


It did do fine, but their cheese selection has been going down hill fast in the last year: no more real Dutch cheese, no more goat cheese, etc. We don’t like cheddar (if you can call that cheese anyway), so we toned down our cheese consumption considerably.


With cheese in Taiwan it’s like this.
It’s hard to find a delicious, flavored and smelly cheese, but if you do, there won’t be any people around you have to share it with.