Good cheese?


I would kill for a good feta. No costco around here and I won’t buy those little rubbery tastless cubes in oil from carrefour again.


Costco membership is worth it for the cheese. Back when I was not so affluent, my monthly bill at Costco was 1000 NTD, of which 400 to 600 was cheese.


The problem with Costco…Is you have to go to Costco.


Anyone tried making cheese at home? We make the Paneer cheese at home from milk and it tastes very good.


Yes, similar to cottage cheese, and yogurt. Goat cheese, with fresh milk from a goat farm. I had some fermentation cultures for cheese and yogurt. And I made kefir for a while until the kefir bacteria grains died.


Have you tried their website?


No, I only tried cheese, yogurt and kefir. :wink:


I’ve made yoghurt and it’s good. Just used the drinking yoghurt to get it started.


Yogurt with living culture, otherwise it’s not working. I did that a few times, bought some at City Super and than made new one, you only a couple of spoons to start and repeat. I guess it works in a thermos, never tried that tho. Boil milk, let it cool until 45C and put culture, put in thermos and leave overnight. Sterilize all the tools you use.


Yeah I just said how I did it.
How do you make yoghurt with dead bacteria exactly? :joy:

I have a yoghurt machine basically an overnight incubator


I like going to Costco. Just not on the weekend. Weekdays are fine. For whatever reason I enjoy getting a Mountain Dew and hot dog as well as the controversial Hawaiian pizza.


Yeah the hot dogs and Mountain Dew are a thing with me, too. I like onions on 'em, which can be tricky since many Costco members seem to see the onion station as place to get one whole onion, chopped.


I use the drinking yoghurt too. Works a treat.

No need to boil it first if you’re starting with UHT. Personally I just microwave it for a few minutes and then stick it in a toaster oven set to 45’C (takes a bit of experimentation to get it set that low).


The goat milk I needed to boil (not really boil, heat to about 70-80C) as it was ‘straight’ from the goat.


I don’t understand this even though I see it. I just want a little sweet relish on a hot dog and there are people filling plates with onion, relish, and sauerkraut. Maybe if Costco changed the way they distribute this, they could save some money. That metal crank thingy makes it difficult to get just a little of anything so I guess Costco created this mess.


That’s not their goal, people will stay away and Costco loses money! I’ve seen people load up and take home!


I also like my dogs with lots of onions, and love the onion gun contraption.


I saw a lady last week who ordered a slice of pizza to go, took the aluminum foil over to the onion station, and cranked until no onion came out. She balled it up and took it back to her table, stuck it in her cart, and started in on her pizza.

I think Costco has created a situation of “free condiments” and is stuck with it. In the US the menu is bigger, and maybe this is why it’s limited in Taiwan. Just adding a hamburger would probably mean giving away gallons of sliced dills every day.


For me, ketchup will do. I also wouldn’t mind some Siracha as well.

I’ve come to appreciate the dew more now that it’s not readily available. That and root beer, I know sars is kinda like it and I do like it. But good ol American root beer is amazing in a cold mug.


I guess people here see free as an excuse to go hog wild. You can buy a giant bag of onions there really cheap. I give away several and still find it is cheaper than buying at wellcome. I don’t often see people do this in the states so I’m puzzled why people think this acceptable behavior. I hear this is why some companies don’t have toilet paper because they think the employees will just “waste” it. One company that I worked at sent an email with statistics of how much TP the women used vs. men with a warning to us women. They never had paper towels in the restroom and instead had this nasty community towel. Or the nasty sponge that’s been there for dishes in the breakroom… yuk. I need one of those germ testers.