Good cheese?


The magic words in Taiwan are … FREE! and DISCOUNT! Line-ups guarantied!


Stop, you’re killing me!

Back in the day the US used to have A&W drive-in restaurants. You parked you car and made your order through a microphone (like Sonic). Teenagers would bring your order out on a tray and hang it on the driver’s window. In the summer they’d bring out mugs of A&W draught in gigantic, thick-glass mugs. Used to drip condensation all over your lap. All gone away now. Man, I miss that.


Are you that old? Watch the re-runs of ‘Happy Days’ as a therapy.


I could use one of their drinks with those ice cubes they use. Not a big fan of their food, but those drinks are on point. I remember going there after finishing 2 a days football practice and getting a cold drink.

They have AnW in Malaysia. But their mugs are not cold and it warms up the drink! It’s just terrible. Its basically room temp. Just a huge disappointment


There is one still operating in San Rafael, Marin County, California.




No but attempting a feta style cheese is on my list. Supposed to be easy.




Really :frowning:
I just watched a video the other day. But the guy had a lot of experience and I think his first batch with cows milk years earlier was not a success.

Edit: any tips?


Cheese, at least good cheese, from what I know is difficult to make.


They have a lot of AW chains in Malaysia. I found one with cold mugs and added a scoop of ice cream to make it a float.


The parmigiano tastes really weird though. It’s really really processed, like you would cook it with pasta and once it dries in the pan it’s almost like rock…


Nothing new, it’s a trend this year in Europe, beer with a scoop of ice cream.


Dunno bout Taipei, but here in Tainan there is a restaurant supply store we go to and it has some really good cheeses. And cold cuts. Even got Jamón Serrano!
Not cheap, but not outrageous either.

This is the one in Tainan. Prob have a bigger one in TPE
Yongchang food ingredients
No. 115, Section 1, Changrong Rd, East District, Tainan City, Taiwan 701
+886 6 237 7115


In Taiwan you can almost get anything you want, only factor is price and time.


it saved my life in indonesia. every single street food vendor used to “fry” everything in two spoons of oil, resulting in fries, burgers, fried snacks etc etc to be the most oily trash i’ve ever had in my life. Fast foods like a&w had proper deep friers, so a burger with fries was often the healthiest “emergency food” i could get -_____-’


The pre-shredded cheese is coated in potato starch


Almost. Although if you are looking for stuff from Ireland or some smaller countries in the EU it’s really tough. It seems foodstuffs from big countries such as Italy, Spain and France are much easier to get probably because they consolidate shipments and have established channels.

You would have to import yourself and I don’t know what knd of licenses you would need.


A good chance, it’s like stuff that is powdered and easy sticks (lumps) together, they’ll use cornstarch as a anti-caking agent. Even in non-foods.

Oh, and in cheese it gives a smoother melt!


Potato starch or cellulose?