Good Chiropracter that can see me today?


Thanks ranlee for mentioning me,

I’ve seen lots of patients with low back discomfort who didn’t get much relief after rehabilitation. Acupuncture and/or herbal medicine is helpful for most them. I usually will also teach them to do some exercise to strengthen their lower back so that the relief lasts longer.

Why not give it a try?
I will be in Tingchou branch from 2-5 pm today. (Every Tuesday and Friday 2-5pm)


I bought a 25-session package with Mark Griffin and all I got from it was a hit to my bank.


I’ve always been loathe to slag him as he pays for banners ads here, but yeah, bad news. Scaring people with xrays and persuading them to book and prepay long courses of treatment would get him struck off in a western country,


I’m not saying Chiropracter’s don’t do good work but here’s some videos l thought would be good to share.


Avoid Mark Griffen. I had a hand injury and went to see him a few years back because of a banner ad on this site. He gave me a useless cream that didn’t work at all. Asked me to go get some x-rays and told me I had to get a really expensive multi-visit treatment which I declined. He had a credit card machine and said I can pay in installments. Was pretty aggressive. I ran out of there pretty quick. I’m surprise this guy is even around.


Isn’t Chiropractic Medicine quackery made up by a huckster ?


Still around and doing pretty well for himself it seems. Well, lesson learned. Seems there’s a couple of options in this thread to choose from, hopefully it works.

Has anyone had an issues with their neck that they’ve gotten treated in Taipei? Chronic neck pain, tension, etc…