Good cologne

Hey where in Taipei can I find good, nice cologne like Givenchy, cool water, Hugo Boss, etc?..I’m assuming Sogo would have it but I’m not certain and I don’t want to go there and find out they don’t have it

Look for a chain store called “Sasa.” They have all the major brands. Department stores have most major brands too, though mostly only the latest from the designers. Sasa is also somewhat cheaper.

It’s always free at the airport.


Hey…I was looking for the same info and found this old topic…I checked online for Sasa stores but they don’t list any store locations for Taiwan. Can anyone tell me if they exist in Taipei and where I can find one? Or suggest another place to pick up the kind of cologne mentioned in the OP?

Try Sa Sa. It’s a HK chain.


[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]Try Sa Sa. It’s a HK chain.


Yes, but is there actually a store somewhere in Taipei? According to their website there isn’t, but since I saw someone mention it here, I thought I’d ask. Obviously I’m not going to HK just for cologne. :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember a Sasa on Zhongxiao East Rd sec 4, roughly between the ‘old, white’ Sogo and the intersection with Da’an Rd.
Don’t know if it’s still there. Also cologne stores near Nanjing W Rd and E Rd intersection with Zhongshan North Rd.
Also cologne inside most department stores, New York New York mall, etc.

Thanks a lot enzo, much appreciated.

I think there’s also a Sasa in Warner Village.

Check out some back alleys near Sogo. Used to be one or two . Shouldnt be hard to find.

Paco Rabanne is nice IMHO

[quote=“tommy525”]Check out some back alleys near Sogo. Used to be one or two . Shouldnt be hard to find.

Paco Rabanne is nice IMHO[/quote]

In my experience of Taipei, those back alleys are only going to find you Pakko Ribena and Tommy Hilfinger

tsk tsk, such pessimists !!! Surely you can tell the difference between Tommy Hilfiger and Tommy Hairfinger?

And Paco Rabonne from the real thing?

Body Shop have a decent range of cologne for men.

Not sure where their stores are in Taipei…