Good computer store

anybody bought a laptop in taipei and could recommend a good store to go to… hopefully one that even speaks a little english and has decent prices. i’m coming to taipei this weekend to do some shopping and would love any advice, and directions about
how to get there!

Either one of two places.

  1. Nova. Is just west of the big tall building by the Taipei Main station. Has a lot of shops so it’s easy to look at a few and compare prices and then bargain.
  2. Guan hua. Is North of the Chung Hsiao Hsin Sheng MRT station (blue line). Either go in the big place under the bridge or any of the shops along the Ba De road.
    These places are the best to look for a good price. or you can try some of the chain stores but they will be higher.

got mine at guang hua…