Good criminal and immigration lawyer?

can anyone recommend a good criminal and immigration lawyer or law firm?

preferably one that speaks English


This unfortunately is a really tough question. For English speaking lawyers, check the lists provided by AIT or the other de facto embassies. The lawyers on these lists will be expensive (NT$8,000 per hour +) and more experienced in commercial law. They will be able to handle your questions about immigration regulations effectively, but you need to understand that there are very few if any lawyers who specialize in immigration litigation, which is almost unheard of in Taiwan and usually ineffective for a variety of reasons.

There are many good criminal lawyers in Taiwan. But very few of the experienced ones speak good English and they usually are solo practitioners who do not work at the ‘foreign’ firms and do not have much experience representing foreigners. You can check the pingluwang ( to see if the lawyers really has experience in criminal matters although you will need guidance to really understand what you are looking at. On the plus side, specialized Taiwanese criminal lawyers usually charge a flat rate which can good be for controlling costs.