Good Deals/New Products

I thought we might benefit from a catch-all thread for things we notice out and about on the mean streets of Taiwan.

I guess the catch of the week has to be Wellcome’s welcome addition of Ben and Jerry.

Not to be outdone, I noticed a mango/rasberry Haagan Dazz at RT Mart today.

But the best buy was the three pack of Jose Cuervo, Skyy Vodka and my old partner Jim Beam for 999NT. Again, available at RT Mart. Inspired by Sensei’s secret kitchen, I immediately got busy in my secret bar and blended up a peach/kiwi margarita. After two of them, I took a nap. :blush:

Good innitiative. Should be a sticky post :slight_smile:

When someone spots the below - blow the whsitle - I buy a truck-load !

I would like to mention the Pesto and Pesto Rosso (red) jars sold at Carrefour for 59 ntd. Add a little pasta, 10 minutes preparation and you can have a tasty meal for under 70 dollars.