Good "Democracy Now" Broadcast Today

Not sure if anyone listens to Democracy Now (I know not everyone in this forum is a raving left-wing socialist like me :wink:), but today’s broadcast was unusually interesting.

The three topics were:

b Peak Oil: [/b] I felt this was the weakest segment, as it was nothing I hadn’t heard before (US foreign policy is driven by the oil companies etc. etc.). Was one of the first times I’ve heard a DN guest sound like Fred Smith though (“We need to reduce dependence on foreign oil. The time is now!” :laughing: )

b Minutemen/Immigration: [/b] Apparently there is a group of private citizens flying around in their own planes and driving their own trucks up an down the US-Mexico border to prevent illegal immigration. The Minuteman rep says that they do observation, nothing more. The opposing debator says that they are vigilantes who need to be stopped. Mostly interesting to me for the larger issues that were raised regarding illegal immigration. Are there other countries that have this much debate about whether people who enter their country illegally should face legal repercussions for doing so? It’s a tough issue. A strange issue.

b Korematsu/Japanese Internment: [/b]Not much of a debate here I think. I suspect almost everyone today is more or less on the same side. But this was an interesting piece on one of the more shameful chapters in American history – and on the story of one of the Americans who fought against it.

Anyway – it’s worth a listen if anybody is bored at their computer during lunch or something.

b Korematsu/Japanese Internment: [/b] . . . one of the more shameful chapters in American history . . . [/quote]

That’s what I used to think.