Good English-speaking hairdresser or barber in Taipei?


I would highly recommend Eddie as well! I have been in Taipei for two years now and he is so far the best hairdresser I have found here. When I asked my friends about if they know a good hairdresser for western hair in Taipei, most of them recommended me Eddie. I went to the salon where he works this week. I made an appointment at 5:30 and I did not need to wait at all. The shampoo was very good and the assistant was very friendly. Eddie cut my hair as I wanted. He gave me many useful advices and answered my questions about how to take care of my hair and color. On the top of that he was very friendly. There is really a good atmosphere in this salon and they are very professional. I think it is important to make work people with a good spirit and professional! I am very happy with my hair cut and will definitely go to see Eddie again the next time!
Eddie is no longer at M&M Salon. He is now at the Picahair Salon at Zhongxiao Fuxing. You visit his website here:


After 4 years of crappy haircuts in Asia, I was sure that the only way I’d get a decent cut was with someone from abroad or with significant experience abroad. My hair is extremely fine and opposite from Asian hair in many ways. I had been putting off getting another unsatisfactory haircut for 10 months when I finally gave in.

Cue Yves! I had seen a posting many months back for an English woman cutting hair in Taipei, found her info again, and made a day-of appointment. A 5-minute walk from the Zhongshan Elementary School Station, the salon is nothing special. But Yves is. Unlike most of Taiwan, Yves follows Western standards of hair cut hygiene, sterilizing utensils after every client. She was eager to see the pictures I had brought and listened attentively to my comments. Service there was run-of-the-mill for Taiwan, but my haircut was exactly, precisely what I had asked for-- a low-maintenance cut with lots of body. I get out the the shower, comb my hair, and get on with my day. I’m still so impressed with how good this without any styling at all! So impressed that I did something I’ve never done in my life: pre-book another cut 8-weeks later! This, from a girl who usually tries to get away with only 1 or 2 cuts a year. I’m so relieved and encouraged by this experience that I’m considering some color changes at my next visit-- something I’ve also never done in my life.

Yves, you are my savior!
Shampoo, cut, & style $800NT as of July 2015. She’s currently running bonus treatments as an incentive for pre-booking.


Many of my friends and I try those hair stylists people talked about above.We are expats live in Taipei forever and try all of them.
They are just NO GOOD and they give you very old style haircuts and color and just don’t know what they are doing.Eddie Tham makes you look like a freak or look like you came from the 70’s.Many girls goes to him for cut and color and I don’t know what stuff he puts on people’s hair.A few of my girl friends still go to him and looks like they are bolding now.Dra’s Hair Lab, Jimmy, Diane, Evonne, and Geroge Pai in Tianmu all screw up many expats hair & heard terrible stories about them.

Go to American hairdresser John Mouzakis.He worked at Sassoon Chicago,Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong and he is also an international educator for Toni & Guy from UK and was their creative director.This guy knows what he is doing.I mean he cuts celebrity,socialite,company executives, and royalty from working in Chicago and Hong Kong.

He had done many celebrities,tv show,magazine, fashion weeks, in the US and Hong Kong.He was working in American Club in Taipei for the last year.
John is now working at Salon S in Tianmu.His price is very reasonable.Many people got their hair ruined by those other stylists and goes to him for rescue.

He is living in Taiwan for good and really recommend everyone to just go to him.Best part is he is a very nice guy and listens to what my needs are and not pushy like those other stylist.
I hope you find this helpful and give John a try because my whole family and now my friends go to him.He is giving 20% off first hair cut for everyone to try him out,so it’s only 960NT.

John’s websie:
Make an appointment with him by calling salon number 02-28320248 or mobil and LINE ID 0965800200.
Salon S is in Tianmu: No.6, Lane 76, Section 2, ZhongchengRoad, Shilin Distirct, Taipei City, Taiwan


I’ve had one haircut in the last year, my hairs down to my neck and i grew a huge beard, theres no barbers here, its all these pretentious salons, and I’m not going to give someone money to make me feel uncomfortable and walk out looking like nancy.

going to hong kong,

about 10k to get a hair cut


Cutting Edge, Hualien.

Excellent English-owned barbershop. That would be quicker than a HK run, next time your beard’s on the floor.


they look legit Nuit, have you been? thank you my fellow forumosian, never thought i would find one here


I am a regular :smiley:. He is fine, good attention to detail.
Booking ahead is recommended.


I’ve tried a bunch of hair salons after I moved to Taipei, and the best is A-square located near Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT station exit 3. Michael is the guy you wanna ask for, who’s never let me down. He’s super caring, attending to details and fluent in English on top of his flawless skills. I’d highly recommend him after being disappointed at so many other salons. Ask for Michael at A-Square and you can’t go wrong (appointments must be made ahead though, he’s quite fully booked most of the time) I myself am going next week for a new color & haircut for the upcoming New Year :slight_smile:


Thanks for suggestion! I went to Fine Hair Salon and got great highlights and a fantastic haircut! Diane is really amazing :slight_smile:


Hey all,

We are creating a website to make it easier for western girls to find a hair colorist/specialist abroad.

The idea is….
I can go to any country abroad, and easily search for a specialist knows my hair type- without the fear of a hair disaster.

If you are western with blonde, brunette, African, red, ombre, or mermaid hair and have found a specialist you like while abroad- let me know!

  1. Name of Salon
  2. City, Country
  3. Contact/website if possible
  4. What color did you have done (blonde, red, mermaid, etc)
  5. 1-5 star review:
  6. 1-2 sentence review on color outcome/colorists ability-
  7. Photo
    Email me the info at

Happy Hair Days to all!


Hello all !

I may be a bit late on this post but I would just like to add on with a fantastic barber that I have found here. A native english speaking barber here in Taipei ! His name is Meho and he works over at a craft beer barbershop by Da’an Park ! yes, Beer & Haircuts !

He does not wash hair. He does not massage. However, he gives excellent haircuts at a very fair price. This is all I wanted. Also it is very nice conversation with him. He is a young barber and very talented for his age. I will definitely return again.

This is his info in case anyone is looking to schedule. You can book an appointment right online on his facebook page. Check out his work !


Hi, I just got a nice man haircut yesterday from Eddie, I’m satisfied, very good English(Better than mine), nice saloon, warm welcome, Eddie is very friendly… I would surely recommend


I guess you mean Eddie Tham? I go there as well and I am very satisfied with the quality.


I’ve used Eddie for years. He’s great, knows what he is doing and is super friendly and down to earth.

I don’t know what that post above is going on about. I don’t give very much credence to recommendations that are based on bashing other people or touting past accomplishments.


Hi, Yes this is correct, Eddie Tham… I’m still very satisfied of my haircut…