Good food near zhongshan north rd section 3

Hi there,
anybody know good food near zhongshan north road section 3 or near MRT shuanglian and minguan… I’ve just stayed in taipei for 2 weeks and will live near that area until the next 6 months… I don’t really like taiwan cuisine (only several like swiekiau, fried rice…) because it’s feel strange for me…and i don’t want eat junkfood all the time…Give me advice pleassssee…thx a lot

Uhm, if you don’t like the food I think you’re in the wrong country for starters… in saying that, I don’t eat everything here, but there are a lot of good things here once you start looking around.
But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t options.
You can generally find a lot of cheap steak places, they’re not american style steak, but they’re also not as expensive as going to TGI’s etc.
There’s subways, not sure if you classify that as junk food though.
Find a local seafood restaurant, they do excellent seafood here, some really tasty grilled fish and prawns and what not.
There’s plenty of suggestions in this forum as well, but unless you’re a bit more specific in terms of what you want to eat, it’s hard to know what you’re after.
You might have to travel a bit to find what you want though.

There are a bit more choices, like nice pasta and curry and Western outlets close to Zhongshan MRT station. Walk down the bulevar -which is quite nice- and head over there and explore, if you haven’t done that yet.

thanks for your response guyz…
well, 2 days ago i went to Ningxia Night Market, i have to walk 15 minutes from my place…there are many kind of food and of course mostly Taiwan cuisine…but i try jifan…u know rice with chicken …it’s only NT 30 and add it with vegetable like kongxincai n scramble egg…nice n cheap :slight_smile:
And near my place there is a small r estaurant and it also bout taiwan cuisine, u know something rice mixed with chicken katsu n 2 kind of vegetable…i like it too…only NT 65 :lick:
Day by day I become more adapt with Taiwan cuisine… so happy…not difficult again to find food… And i also find place to buy suikiau…but maybe not the best one
Now i like to try new one

Across from the Ninxia Market entrance, on teh otehr side of teh circle, there is this little Japanese place in an alley… Cheap, tasty, very colorful. Follow th eold lady attendants, try the beer and sushi combo.

Glad to hear you are into market stuff.

Chopping their vegtables on the asphalt really adds a distinct flavor at no extra charge.

Nah, the secret is in washing the plates outside, on the grates…

Seriously, this place I’m talking is pretty famous, and has a long history. Inside, it has a restaurant set up, but still keeps the small stand outside to attract customers. It’s air conditioned inside and all!

Xiao Dong Ting
NanJing West Road, Lane 250, No. 8
Tel: 2555-2386
Alimentary Alley

Hidden close to the NanJing West Road traffic circle, Xiao Dong Ting is a group of small Japanese eateries under common management and clustered within a dead-end alley. Keep your eyes open or you might walk right by the entrance. If you wish to take advantage of the many outdoor tables, the restaurant¡¦s charms are best enjoyed when the temperature is cooler, as torrid Taipei summers do little to inspire the appetite.

Grab a tray and enter the queue at the head of the alley. Choose from a wide variety of sushi and sashimi. While most everything is fresh, the fish can be a bit frozen at times. And though the quality is quite good, the cuts are not as expertly made as in the top Japanese restaurants.

A word of caution: the wasabi is extremely potent. Test it out first before upgrading to spicier levels. The sushi is simple but fresh and tightly wrapped; thankfully, it does not break up easily. The misoyaki is nicely singed, which brings out smoky caramel soy flavors. A generous sprinkling of sesame seeds adds nice nutty tones, with lime slices providing a more Mediterranean flavor.

Side dishes such as pickled turnip, carrot, ginger, and sliced chili can be added to personal preference. Meanwhile, spinach and other greens are served with a lighter soy-based sauce and dried bonito flakes. The spinach is fresh, raspy, and tender, and the bonito¡¦s beefjerky-like flavors add savory qualities. Expect to pay NT$500 per person with a beer or two.

don’t u know that nowadays asphalt has become one kind of flavour :laughing:

thanks… i will try the japanesse food…