Good For Kids: Seeing & Learning about Cherry Blossoms Flowers

I highly recommend checking out the Cherry Blossoms in Taiwan. They’re only in bloom for a short time each year!

Recently, my family visited Cherry Blossoms in Southern Taiwan, and my kid loved it. Here’s the address.

地址: 花旗木步道, 723台南市西港區南45-1鄉道

Our family also made an educational video for kids during our visit of the Cherry Blossoms. It’s a video all about Cherry Blossom flowers, helping kids to appreciate nature, learn how to do flower arts and crafts, and learn about the science of paper and water. Plus, kids learn about being thankful, which I think is the most important thing. Enjoy!

WHAT WE LEARNED FROM IT: “Cherry blossoms in Taiwan :cherry_blossom: remind us that time is short and feels so fast. So, we need to really enjoy the good times, truly cherish the ones we love, and say a big THANK YOU to everything we have in life!” :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:

Full YouTube video link is here:

Mr Albie/Teacher/Host: M. Alberto (me)
Director/Producer: P. N. (my wife)
“Cubs” Voice Overs: Z. and N. (my kids)

Click here to watch the full video about Learning About Cherry Blossoms for Kids:

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