Good free spyware

i unashamedly say that i havent bothered to do a search…
i apparently need ( or have???) spyware, i cant open hotmail again.
any advice on good free downloadable (anti???) spyware?

I dont remember ‘letters’ being this much trouble. Anyone remember writing letters?

Spybot-S&D and Ad-Aware, both are good free spy/adware checkers.

If you don’t have a router then get yourself a decent software firewall like Zone Alarm. A free virus checker can’t do any harm either and a good free one is AVG Anti-virus

As previously mentioned, Ad-Aware is great.

All those mentioned so far are good, but be aware that there is no magic-bullet solution to spyware, what one anti spyware program detects is often undetected by another.

I have all four mentioned by Qrap on my PC, and run them every third day or so.

In the week I’ve had Zone Alarm it’s detected nearly 3000 intrusions, with 280-odd being high-rated.

Ad-Aware always picks up something every time I run it.

So far, so good!

loaded them all. hotmail still wont open. just diverts to another page that says i have ‘spyware’ issues.
Thanks for the advice though people.

Sounds like a variant of CoolWebSearch (i.e. browser hijackers) to me. Ad-aware and Spybot Search & Destroy are slow to respond this type of threats . You should give CWShredder a try.

Also, make sure that your computer has all the Windows security updates installed. The fact that your brower can be hijacked is an indication that your system has at least one known vulnerability.

Try running Hijack This for anything that S & D doesn’t get. Just read a tutorial before you start, as its not quite as user-friendly.

Try this, too. … t_corp.asp

What ever you do, don’t get Xoftspy. It’s mostly marketing and doesn’t have it.