Good Hot Dogs for BBQ/Picnics

I’m looking for where I can find good sized hot dogs to cook up myself. Sorta like the style Costco sells at the food cafeteria. Anywhere in Taiwan is fine, just would like to get some contacts and see where they sell them the cheapest, if they sell them at all. Before I get the “why didn’t you do a search?” from all of you, I did. Couldn’t find much other than normal dog posts.

Thanks for any info!!

The costco hot does are sold frozen in costco. Bought them once.

There used to be a guy in Hualien selling home made sausages on the Internet. And if I recall, another guy also selling them here in Taipei. Long time ago though.

We have bought the small Viena sausages packs from Costco for kids events and they seem to like them. Locally produced, though.

a bit pricey but Ikea sells hot dogs. I think it was around $9.00 usd for 8?

There’s this small store that delivers frozen hot dogs/sausages to your home, wherever you are (just inside Taiwan). It’s called Mr. Sausage, and I’ve been wanting to try it for a while, which I plan on doing next time I have a BBQ with my wife and friends.

This is their facebook site: … 6022380358