Good hotel in Taipei?

Hello, I am travelling to Taipei in two months with my gf (she is from Kaohsiung), and we are looking for a nice hotel to stay in Taipei around 2000 dollars the night. Anybody has any idea? Thank you :smiley:

I wanted to let you know about a great hotel in Taipei within your budget near some great attractions! It is within walking distance of both Ximending (fun nightlife area) and the Taipei main train station! Also some great food in this area as well. It is a hotel that is considered “gay friendly” however rest assured it is open for all people and does not cater strictly to the gay crowd.

The hotel is called Qstay and as I said is only a 3 or 4 minute walk down to the main Ximending square. It is one or two blocks away from Red House Theatre. It is only around US$60 per night. The owner’s name is Steve and he is such a great guy! Each and every room in this hotel have a desktop included with free wireless Internet and free cable TV including Star World channel! All modern amenities as you can tell by the pictures on the website!

If you decide to stay here please be sure to mention my name, Mike Price from ThinKTaiwan and he will definitely go out of his way to help you! The entire staff are just delightful! When I first stayed here I needed to find a phone. The front desk guy himself upon the owner’s request walked me down to the place to get a cell phone and spoke in Chinese for me to get me completely signed up! Let me know if you decide to stay!

I like the Sunroute Hotel for the money.

Thanks to all of you, I booked a room in the Ambience Hotel.

No problem! I am sure you will enjoy your stay and time in Taipei!

Looks like a nice one, good to know for future reference. Forumosa should have a sticky on hotels.

Yeah there should be a sticky on hotels on forumosa :smiley: By the way, how did you guys found a place to live when you first arrived in Taiwan? I am a bit worrying about it. I am moving to Kaohsiung in twom months, but I have still no idea of where and how to find a place. How did you do it? Difficult? Expansive?

wrong thread
besides, are you not the guy previously married to japanese woman, now divorced, having a tw gf living in Kaohsiung, and also unfortunately facing some acceptance by her family ?
Can’t she help you to find a suitable place ?

Yes I am, and actually she cannot help me that much, because she has been out of her country for a long time, we live together in Japan now and we’ll go back the same day… so it means that she can help me, but only after arriving… so I have to find a cheap place to stay for one or two months, then I ll move to a better place