Good idea to look up your prospective boyfriend for police records … irlfriend/

cant be too careful these days with who you want to date. Look up a guys police record before agreeing to go out with him.

what if it’s early in the relationship and you just want to hang out?

What if the idea of a conviction is that you are able to change your behaviour and rehabilitate yourself once caught. Guilty forever? What if the crime you commit is not a crime in another state? Are you still a criminal? You can smoke weed on one side of the road, but not on the other.


cant be too careful these days with who you want to date. Look up a guys police record before agreeing to go out with him.[/quote]

If only it were that easy! :sunglasses:

dont hang out with anyone that could hang you ? I think that would be apropo for this one.

I’d be checking for records by Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion, and anything by Dionne Warwick, as well as Police records. Oh, and nothing by that poseur Sting, either.

In a perfect world those that have committed crimes can be educated and reformed and given second/third/fourth chances. But in the real world, sadly , this is all too often not the case with those who have committed violent crimes such as murder. The fact is that most of them go on to commit other murders either immediately upon release or within a relatively short time.

I see on the sidebar news on here about a 10 year old boy who went into a toilet and a young man followed him and murdered him, for apparently no reason. The young man was reportedly only in the toilet for about five minutes but he murdered the boy.

I don’t see this person as a person that can be reformed. I would have him executed or at least 50 years in prison. Allowing him the chance to find his God , before his God finds him.

There might be some redeeming features of the case that weren’t reported on the sidebar news though (although I can’t imagine what they might be). Not all murder’s are committed by cold-blooded psychopaths, very few I suspect.

Some police are corrupt, most are incompetent pedants, how much faith do you really have in their records?

Lets not detract from the fact that many people are vicious murderers and that is a fact.

This guy was seen on video going into the toilet right after the young boy. And five minutes later he left. No one else was seen going in or out of the toilet during that time before the boy was discovered. IN five minutes he slashed and cut up the boy, leaving blood all over the stall.

IF this is not psychopathic behavior i do not know what is.

He went out to kill somebody, it was preplanned. Another guy that flipped out after long term unemployment here, there have been many cases, usually they kill their own family first for money. In this case there could be more going on though, could be some sort of pervert along with the usual ’ against society’ explanation.

At the other end of the spectrum more people who made a mistake in the distant past have been haunted by them simply because of criminal records, like denied opportunity for employment, denied visas, etc.

I don’t like criminal records because it hurts more people than go after the few crazy psychopaths that are out there. How can someone reform when they get turned down for employment because of some small thing he did 20 years ago? Do you really want to judge people over some police record, stuff that was written by people who don’t even know the person just out of simple fear?

I love criminal records because it lets me find out easily who the stupid assholes are. Got busted for smoking pot when you were in college? Great, who cares. Have four DUIs and a couple of restraining orders against you? Yeah, sure, your resume is on the top of the stack, mang.

There ARE shady people out there who are pure criminals. ITs these people that id want to have my daughter (when and if i have one) know shes hangin around with.

Those people are the minority… but its just unfair to people who aren’t really criminals who just make a mistake a long time ago. At least criminal records should be erased after a period of time. Like in Taiwan I think criminal records are only good for 5 years if you haven’t gotten into anymore trouble.