Good Independent Baby Shops

Can anyone recommend good independent baby shops?

I strongly dislike the baby floors of department stores, Chickabiddy, Les Enfants etc…

Back home the best baby gear and best service, knowledge etc… always comes from the independents.

Can anyone recommend any here, anywhere island wide is fine.


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If I remember right I walked by one south of CKS MRT station heading west on Ningbo W St. not far from Roosevelt Rd. If I’m not mistaken you’ll see it on the right hand side before you get to Nanchang Rd. It’s been a couple of years though, can’t be sure it’s still there or if the stuff they have is all that good

Something in my memory wants to say there was a small children’s clothing shop nearby across the street too :ponder: Possibly a small cluster area for kid items. Might be worth checking out next time you’re in the area


i would like to revive this topic, because i’m looking for baby “mega stores” where you can find lots of different brands for strollers, car seats, etc. and are also able to compare them.

we are living in taipei (beitou) and so far i found newmama and baby republic, which are not that far.
but i haven’t been there yet and don’t know how big they actually are:門市地址及營業時間-1

any suggestions?

on a side note:
for everybody looking for a reliable, light and also reasonable priced stroller / car seat i can recommend this one:

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I’m not sure if it counts as a mega store, but the Sogo department store up there has a baby section with some decent stuff.

Thanks for the suggestions.
We went to a couple department stores. But they didn’t have the car seat i wanted.

So in the end we went to the joie flagship store in dazhi. They had all products in all colors for demo. And price is not mich more than the internet shopee prices.

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Which one did you want?

We went for the joie stages 0-7
Not as big and heavy as the 0-12
But safer and sturdier, (and with head protection) than the 0-4 models.