Good Indian restaurant off of Zhongxiao

Ok, GF went to an Indian restaurant in the alley behind MingYao (where there are plenty of eats , and something like six italian restaurants) and she really liked it so wanted me to plug the place in case any of you wanted a good Indian place to eat at. Shes afraid the place may close before she has a chance to go there again. Heres her plug for it. Give it a try, maybe you will like it?


Oh, and remember, you can help to advertise the Indian restaurant on

Forumosa, as I think it’s a pity that they don’t have more business.
The restaurant is No. 12, Alley 6, Lane 170, Zhongxiao E. Road
Section 4. It’s right next to the Italian restaurant we ate at. And
it’s called Taj Indian Restaurant. Everything in the restaurant is
very Indian, from the food of course to the seats, seat cushions,
carpets, all the decorations, and even the music videos shown on their
flat panel TV. So it’s a good experience, and do recommend it to
anyone who wants to have Indian food, or wants to enjoy that kind of
ambience. :slight_smile:

I’ve eaten there. Pretty good food, for a TW Indian place (I spent over a year in India so I tend to rate places in comparison to there).