Good matchmaking agencies for couples?

Are there any good matchmaking agencies in Taiwan that matches based on values, career, looks, etc? Maybe they take a commission based on a successful marriage?

I am a bit tired of using online dating apps and want to try something different.

I’m not sure if good matchmaking agencies exist at all? Maybe in India and Ukraine?


They are sites of matchmaking agencies.


My friend, let me be honest with you.

I’m not saying dating is easy, but a few of your posts in dating in my opinion may come across as tone-deaf for lack of a better term.
People have sex before marriage nowadays, sexual compatibility is extremely important in a marriage and incompatibility has been the end of a lot of GenX marriages. People wanna know if they’re signing a what-is-essentially a 50-70 year commitment to one person, then it should be a good decision. People wanna marry for love nowadays and want to try before they buy and know what they are getting into. But if you are sending out vibes you wanna get married yesterday, that’s a red flag for a lotta people too. It takes time to fall in love and marriage is, for a lot of people, rightfully a massive commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. I already have two friends who are divorcing from their husbands after marrying in mere months. Not a happy time for them.

Places like IKEA are not great dating locations for most people. I like their meatballs and have indulged them with friends or people AFTER becoming comfortable with each other on a ‘lazy outing’. If a girl took me to IKEA when getting to know her, I’d take it as she wants a baby now and that’s gonna scare me into not LINEing her again. This goes for other people too.

If your intention is to bring 50s dating to 2021, you might find yourself in the minority and a sparsely populated pool where there may not be…plenty of fish so to say.

You don’t need to start off the bat that you’re financially stable or a good leader or whatever that bloody guide says. This is condescending towards living and breathing people, especially as most people, men and women, are looking for a holistic relationship that might include, financial stability when put together, but also include things like, funness, independence, things in common, etc… If you are bored after dates, either you are not taking an interest in them or they may be incompatible. Likely it’s a bit of both.

It’s a numbers game too. The world is competitive and you’re competing against other men. I have no chisel on my face and a small gut and I still get matches and relationships. People come and go and my needs change.

I’m not going to judge people. If you’re looking for a specific type of person, then be prepared to look long and hard, but only if you are happy on this search. If you are unhappy, it might be time to shake things up. I would like to fix up the gut, and I also promised @Andrew0409 I would do so and have started making small changes towards a better @Marco. I went up a belt buckle recently.

Do fun things that the person across from you would like to do, ideally things you can both enjoy. It’s give or take and I wouldn’t endorse it being one sided and can understand wanting to leave if it is, but if you’re not listening to her, then I can’t imagine it would go very far and you might not find more luck in matchmaking agencies as well.

Anyways two cents over.


Small incremental changes gets you to your goal!

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The 90s called. They want their women back.


In your previous comments, you made it clear that you don’t want to invest time and energy in dating, and your primary motivation for meeting women is to find a bride so that you can start a family and appease your parents.

Honest truth: Taiwan isn’t a country known for its “mail order bride” industry. Sure, there are still conservative women here who want marriage (to appease their parents in many cases), but the marriage and birthrates in Taiwan are on the decline and for a variety of reasons, more and more women (and even men) are choosing to remain unmarried.

For a foreigner who doesn’t speak Chinese fluently, this really isn’t a great place to skip the modern dating experience and get hitched quickly.

You’d have a much easier time finding a woman willing to fast-track a wedding without really getting to know you, having sex, etc. in SE Asia or Russia/Eastern Europe.

tl;dr You came to the wrong country.


Visit a church or temple. Many churches have Singles/Youth groups. I went to few in Taiwan following friends ask me to go. Its good to make new friends (depends on you too!) even though I am no longer follow their teachings. Also went to an temple someone tying be a matchmaker to me also there.


Wow, so much snark in this thread, and it’s barely even started. A matchmaking service isn’t something I’d ever use, or probably the vast majority of Taiwanese people under, say, 60, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a legitimate choice for some people.

There are plenty of professional matchmaking services, and individual matchmakers, in Taiwan, and many successful marriages have resulted from matches made by them. Not everybody wants to find their match on Tinder or Grindr, and that’s perfectly all right.


Match making agencies can work. I’ve known some people who married from one and seem happy. But it’s usually for people 30+. I know some guys use it if they’re successful but too busy to date and maybe don’t know how to find people matching their values and standards in life. I don’t really see the issue with it.


Yea if I had more money and all that I’d probably go for that too. They probably are better at finding people who are at least on the same page as you even if their hobbies don’t match 100%.

But I doubt gay matchmaking agencies exist in Taiwan (yet).

The issue with genuine matchmaking services in Taiwan is that they’re best suited for Taiwanese people who are fluent in the local customs and language. They’re not suited for FOB foreigners who ostensibly couldn’t date successfully in their home countries.

It’s as simple as the OP came to the wrong country. There are other countries where what he’s actually looking for is a thing.


All, this is the last time I will prune a thread like this without suspending people. If your only intent in posting in a thread is to ridicule or attack another member here, don’t do it.


It probably needs pointing out to all of us (myself included) that this is the dating forum. So any post in good faith to do with dating should be treated as a good faith post. Even though some of us cynics may fancy a snark at the younger whippersnappers.

That’s not 2 cents. That’s more like $200. :laughing:


Do you go to a large church or a small church? If you feel strongly about being celibate before marriage, then it would be best to find somebody with similar values. Perhaps going to a larger church will increase your odds of meeting someone.


Thanks for posting this! I just read the thread, and I was trying to figure out where the snark was. All I could notice was not snark, especially Marco’s really thoughtful post.


Yea, except church girls are more conservative than Puritans themselves, and while having secret lives that are full of sin (so I heard). Good luck going out with church girls because you will never, ever measure up to their standard.

Lots of them are single into their 50’s and over for a reason. No man will ever meet their requirements, possibly not even Jesus.

Everything you wrote here is based on hearsay.

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