Good medium to long-term shares to buy in Taiwan now

We can see Taiwan’s stock market taking a hammering like pretty much everywhere else right now. I have always felt that some local companies have been underrated these last few years. I think the market here should offer some good buys on good companies and global brands such as HTC and ASUS if the stock price has taken an equal hit like the rest.
I feel Taiwan makes solid quality stuff at good prices and some of them are going to be in pretty good demand in a recession (for instance netbooks). What’s the advice on those two companies shares?
I did like the idea of alternative energy solar companies etc. but I think those stocks had been driven sky high and now there is a lot of uncertainty with oil prices dropping, perhaps good names like HTC and ASUS would be reliable and good value.

One word for you son - plastics. Formosa Plastics, actually - they’re down from a high of 105.5 to about 49.5 this year. They’re not going anywhere but up in the medium to long term.

That sounds like a good tip, the only problem is is I hate the idea of investing in such a polluter (even though consumer electronic’s companies make plastic products…I know…).

Asus sitting on an almost 50% gain since the 27th, HTC with 20% up.

Never wise to deal in ‘tips.’ And frankly, now is too late to begin your company research. Best bet at this point are to be long Twn index futures either here locally or the Singapore-listed contract. Personally I like the Singapore contract better because it is denominated in USD … that and I don’t have a local account.

Now here is your money tip (haha): Rather than just buy futures, begin by selling in-the-money puts. With the puts you will make money if the index goes nowhere over the term of the contract. As the index begins to move higher you can then get more aggressive.

No charge …

Thanks for your advice, but as a joe soap investor I’ve no idea what that means and I would never invest in something I have totally no clue about.