Good mobile websites

I know there aren’t many good websites for mobiles out there. I have the and on mine at the moment, though my phone is only 2.5G (GPRS). Any other useful mobile sites you like? I can’t find the wikipedia for mobile; that would be a good one I think.

sky is good for english sports…live text commentary of EPL etc.

wikipedia for mobiles/pdas:

I really like Gmail’s new java application for mobile phones – much easier to use than going through my phone browser.

Read about it here
…Or point your phone to this address and download

How expensive is it to use ones mobile for browsing, email, etc.?

Thanks for the wapedia. For some reason I can’t get gmail’s java app to work on my phone (Nokia 6070 bought in China). Gives me the message “Subscribe to packet data first” and “this program requires a data connection. Please contact your carrier, or visit the GmailMobile FAQ for more info.” The FAQ is actually pretty useless.

Hey Poagao, here’s what I can tell you abut that error message (I can’t guarantee that it’s 100% correct, cos it’s been a while since I worked for “M”).

Phones can use either a voice channel or a data channel (these need to be set up by your carrier, i.e. Chungwha (or whoever)). Motorola phones used to require the data one to do any type of WAP connection, but at the same time (around 4 years ago) Nokia phones did not. You could argue either way about which option is better, but at the end of the day it makes little difference to most people.

My GUESS is that your Nokia phone does not require this data channel to make data calls (read WAP), but for some reason this app was written with that data channel in mind. So I have two suggestions for you:

  1. Ask your carrier to let you use the data channel (may or may not cost you).
  2. Try to find another version of that app that does not require the data channel.

Thanks. I guess a trip to FarEasTone is in order, if I can’t find a gmail app online that works for me.

mind you, poagao, you don’t need the gmail app to access your account on your phone – you can just use your phone browser ( – I was raving about the app b/c it integrates well with my phone’s navigation buttons, making it slightly easier to use.

I know, I like the app too. It works fine up until I try to access my inbox.