Good 'moral dilemna' discussion/debate topics for uni Ss?

I do Oral English at a uni - bright kids, quite enthusiatic.

Got through introductions over the last fortnight. This week I’m doing the ‘sinking ship/desert island’ discussion.

What other discussion/debate topics have you found effective with uni/high school students?

I guess I can scour the papers/news daily to pick up ideas, but maybe you have some gems you’d care to share.

Cheers in advance…

Some that I’ve discussed with similar age groups:
-stem cell research
-animal testing
-involuntary prison organ donation
-gun control
-what would you do if your child committed a serious crime

There’s also a book called “Kokology” that my kids love; it puts them into a hypothetical situation and tells them about their personality/relationships based on their answers. Screen the topic beforehand, though, if you don’t think they’ll be mature enough to handle it.

How much do you charge to teach the class, if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve got an interview with a university tomorrow about a “conversation class,” and I want to charge enough to be taken seriously but also don’t want to price myself out.

OT, I recommend “Intermediate Communication Games,” which was (is?) available at Caves.

It’s a salaried job, 14 hours/week, but I’m Xiamen on the mainland, so the pay is not great.

But I only work three days/week, with Thursday through Sunday mine to do with as I which. That’s what I really like about the job…