Good movie: Catch me if you can

I watched Catch me if you can yesterday. Twas a good movie about a real fake. With the bluff he made as an airline pilot, teacher, doctor and a lawyer, he’s really an idol. Watch him play Ian Fleming:)

I love the main character in this movie.

Hero is going to be out next week. Jet Li’s playing. I have to watch this one:)


Saw it too. Top flick. Got me thinking.

I read the book about 20 years ago. It’s considerably different than the movie in a lot of ways. But it’s a very enjoyable film. I saw it on Friday night and strongly recommend it. It would also be a good date flick.

Can you elaborate on the differences between the movie and book, Cranky? I just saw the movie and have the book, but haven’t read it (I know that’s probably not the preferred order.) Do I really need to read the book?

No need to read the book. Just watch the movie and have fun. :slight_smile: