Good music

Hey kiddos.

So here’s my deal:
I am an american who just moved to taiwan and am wondering if any of you want to let me copy some music that you may have. Some of my friends in the US will send me some stuff as soon as i figure out my address and so on. So we could share. I know it sounds cheesy or whathaveyou but a lot of music seems hard to find and i am addicted to it.

Let me know.

I am into:
**indie/rock: spiritualized, radiohead, velvet underground, mogwai, the make-up, beck, modest mouse
**space rock: godspeed you black emperor,spacemen 3,pan american
**IDM: mouse on mars, autchere, aphex twin, MUsiq, kid606, cex, DAT politics (kind of)
**Krautrock: faust, can, neu!
**Noise: Merzbow,melt banana,shellac
**STEVE ALBINI: dirty three, the ex, don caballero, GBV, superchunk, pixies, bedhead neurosis, smog and so on.

Anywho, this gives you an idea. Yeah, also if you know of any good clubs / bars / whatever.

So write me a letter.

You could Morph and burn them yourself.