Good nerve specialists in Eastern Taiwan?

I have been in bed for 4 days now in massive pain. I thought it was due to my back (dislocated) getting infected again but over the days inflamation has gone down and i can dig down to the pain in the hip. Last couple days it has spread down my leg and not its going numb. So going to bite the bullet and go to the hospital but im currently in the East and not so keen to go weat with the virus the way it is. Likely not infection as i can pullmdifferent muscles and poke around without that typical infection feel. Almost certain its a pinched nerve in the hip but i am now stuck in bed other than the bathroom and that is absolutely blinding pain sometimes just lay on the floor. Need to get it checked but no idea where to ask about nerves.

Currently.near taidong city, but have littlenhope in a speciaist there. Was thinking driving to hualien. Even yilan.

Any help hugely appreciated

Could be a slipped disc.
If knife-life pain on one leg and/or numbness in toes, then the disc in your lower back is sort of protruding into your nerves in your back, giving false signals to your brain of a pain in your leg.
If in Taitung City maybe try Mackay Memorial Hospital or Taitung Christian Hospital.

Good luck!

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Thanks. It is hard dull pain always and more and moreso sharp pains coming about 30% of the time. Normally i can get through the day with pain but this is wrecking me. Have checked out those 2 and appointment monday as nothing during the holliday. I have been avoiding going due to virus and really not wanting to enter a hospital for that reason. Suppose there is no difference between the 2 in that regard?

Hoping not a disc. I was warned a few years back needed metal something back but tried to build up the muscle to hold it. Bit wirried it is the back, but recently can dig into the meat and feel it pretty precise inside the ass meat. But good point, our brains are easily fooled in such instances. Appreciate the suggestions!

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