Good one year mobile plan for iPhone 4 with tethering?

I am about to arrive in taiwan for one year. I will have an ARC, and my wife is from Taiwan.

Which phone company should I go to to get something on an up to 1 year plan that would allow my unlocked iPhone 4 to tether with my laptop. I could cope with a few GB per month, but ideally I would want more.


You can alternatively consider a dongle (and SIM) from Chunghua for your laptop with unlimited data for around NT$800 (US$25)/month. If you have a Mac, use as hotspot, and your wife (and others) can tap into that with her computer.

Currently no providers in Taiwan restrict tethering and most contract plans are completely unlimited. Chunghwa Telecom is probably your only option for a short 1 year contract. The unlimited data plans are around TW$700-800/month and you will need to pay a deposit unless you use your wife’s ID.

Thanks for the very good and useful suggestions. Using a USB dongle is a good idea but internet on iphone for things like google maps is invaluable for getting around a place you are not familiar with. Zhonghua telecom sounds reasonable, I will check it out.

In Taiwan, unlimited data really means unlimited data, as in you can download 100 TB of stuff and it would not affect your bills or speed…