Good online radio list

Any suggestions?

Top this:

(In the world radio station locator: < ICRT 100.7 FM Taipei Unknown Format > I’d agree…) has good interviews

American Roots Music for Saddle Weary Drunkards.

Used to have alink to “The Cowboy Cultural Society” - great site, great tunes - but lost it when I upgraded iTunes. if anybody knows please post.


not sure where to post this…

started broadcast today, (or yesterday?).
it’s the one with Al Franken for those unfamiliar with it.

nice… very nice.


actually the reason i gave this its own thread is because its a start-up station that has been given a lot of publicity in the US recently. supposed to be the first liberal talk-radio show that has a chance at survival against a slew of conservative ones.

i can’t say it’s one of my favorites since i just heard it for the first time today. but i do find it interesting and thought others would also want a heads up.

oh well, i tried. looks like this will just be another thread that gets buried so that a discussion hooters can have it’s own space.


I listened for a couple hours today–fantastic (and quite funny, too!). I think Fred Smith will enjoy it a lot. Lots of similar views to his. :laughing: gets a lot of airplay on my computer.
This site used to have a really cool radio station. They played strange stuff like Malcom X speeches. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the radio anymore and it is not in English so I can’t tell what happened to it.
I downloaded a lot of stuff with streamripper until my system administrator told me to stop.

Loads of stations at the ABC (Australian).


Don’t know if you were taking the piss with celticradio, Blueface, but it went straight into my favourites. First click, Rothesay Bay by the Battlefield Band!
Fantastic! Thanks!

[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]Loads of stations at the ABC (Australian).

No way I’m listening to the ABC when I could be listening to Nova:

Just like being back in Sydney, really :slight_smile:

The mother of all -

“Morning Becomes Eclectic” section… audio AND video performances from the likes of Wilco, Grandaddy, Lambchop, Flaming Lips, Beck, Radiohead, Norah Jones, David Bowie, Travis, Mojave 3, Joss Stone, Moby, Rufus Wainright… blah blah blah.

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Iris :notworthy: :notworthy:

This is a very cool concept to listening to online music.

It will program a station to your musical tastes - your own customized station. Over the last hour, on my station, I have heard - ELO, Coltrane, Howln’ Wolfe, Steely Dan and John Hiatt.

With every song that is played, you get to cast a vote how much you like- the song, the artist and the CD - and it will determine future songlists played. Over time, this station will play to your unique tastes…

I find this quite a shift in the mindset of music listening… And it’s free.

“I’m unique. Just like everyone else.”

Martin in Lu Chou. a chicago ‘soft’ jazz station… :notworthy:

ICRT is not on this list?

Because ICRT isn’t “good” radio.

For comedy