Good PC Parts / Games Shop in NeiHu

Does anyone know a place in Nei Hu where I can buy high-end PC parts, like really good graphics cards, system cooling components etc. Every shop I can find stocks only bog standard parts and although ATI and NVIDIA have entirely new product lines the shops in NeiHu have stuff that is out of date by almost 2 years. Also, everywhere sucks for games, and even 3C (aka TKEC, the big yellow place) stocks games that are 1 to two years old with nothing new. I dont want to have to trek to NOVA everytime I want something. Any ideas?

Sorry, I’m in Taipei and only shop at Gonghua. But I can’t find a copy of Microsoft’s ‘Impossible Creatures’ anywhere, so I’ll probably be looking around 3C and some other places soon.

Ok, well I searched high and low in Gonghua and still couldn’t find a copy of ‘Impossible Creatures’. Anyone have any recommendations for where to find this game in Taipei?