Good phone service for internet speed

My friend just moved to Bangkok and he’s getting 1 Gigabit download speed on his cell service, while paying about what I pay for my (Chunghua reseller, 500 nt/mo).

I only get about 100 Mbps.
I have two accounts with them since I also use one sim in my home router.

I checked for home internet service here and Chunghua is like 1500nt/mo for 500 Mbps.

Am I overlooking a better deal?

  • EDIT -
    Service here is already insanely cheap to me, coming from the US, and obv Taiwan is more expensive than Thailand, but gigabit speed sounds nice…

I only pay 1099 a month for that speed. But I never looked for the best deal out there. You can probably get a better deal if you get one of those mobile + home internet bundles.

yeah, my bad, 1199. With 2 yr contract.

I wonder if he gets the same speed nation wide, like Taiwan does. Main city centers aren’t the big point on infrastructure. If he goes to Khao sok jungle on a trip, how many mbps? Taiwan trumps most countries on this. Especially given the extreme terrain.

Edit. How do i check my speed? I live in “rural” Taiwan (ultra developed by world standards, but countryside by taiwna standards). Pay 599/month for unlimited internet and have yet to have an issue. But I am not need ultra slfast internet. Normally just videos, music and Hotspot for everyone. Works fine. Would be cool to check actual speed for referrence.

We go CHT simply because they have the best coverage across this country. Many third party private plans are pretty dog shit in many areas of Taiwan.

You can download the Speedtest app

Or but I find the app works better on mobile

Cheers, but nope. Any way to check my data speed without giving out privacy permissions? :innocent:

Can use the web speed test made by Netflix:

That’s the ticket! Thanks!

Not sure if this is good or bad. In the mountains now, south hualien with youtube playing via Bluetooth in the truck and a wifi Hotspot for the wife (because her provider has zero service here haha)

$599/month unlimited. Usually around 150gb/monrh usage.

I’m at 90gb right now on the 20th.