Good place for a kick about

we’ve been playing football in the park a bit since the weather is getting decent but it’s a bit small and after a while i get the temptation to hoof it ‘peter kay-style’ but there is so many little kids around.

is there anywhere in South Taipei (yonghe, zhonghe, xindian) to go for a game of heads and volleys? it doesn’t need to have goals, just somewhere with a bit of space.

i found a 5 a side pitch by the river in jingmei but it’s a bit of a trek to get there as you cant drive along the riverside and it’s now more of a dirt pitch than grass.

The field in front of my house is all nice grass. And there is room enough for about 7 baseball games…at the same time. But I live in Chung-Li :stuck_out_tongue: .

There’s an oddball crew who play on Sundays (sometimes) at Yuan-Ze University in Nei-Li. The foreigners usually show up in some form or another, and there’s a whole platoon of Thai guys who often play. However, the pitch leaves something to be desired… Finding a GOOD ground would be ideal. I often wonder about the Big Egg…

foreigners are not allowed to play soccer in the big egg - it’s reserved solely for “professionals” and for people to walk their dogs on. dogs are, however, permitted to shit on said field.

i shit you not.

Shit is good for grass. They should thank you for helping fertilize their field.

We have a what appears full sized football field in your community with goals that still have nets. During the week, the field is empty, on the weekends I sometimes see people playing baseball. So it seems ideal for a nice little football match. The problem is, here is nobody arround to play with. :frowning: The problem might be that I live in Linkou, but I would love to have some more or less frequent football game once in a while.

P.S. When I say football, I am thinking of the game with the round ball, where you use your feet to kick it instead of carrying the ball around in your arms.

There’s a field with goal posts just across from Muzha Zoo MRT station. Leave the station and cross the road. On the other side, head down to the fields beside the river. You’ll see the big grassy field. At least whenever I have been by there were goal posts.