Good place for a picnic date?

I’m looking for a romantic spot for this weekend. Anybody have any suggestions around the Taipei area? Something fairly accessible from the MRT with a good view, not too many people and not too long of a hike (I know, that combination might be too much to ask for in Taipei) Let me know your favorite places! Thanks.


Several lovely places for picnics here in the mythical city. I do hope someone in Taipei can help you, as picnics are one of the finer pleasures of life.
A good picnic basket is most important.

Yes indeed, I have always enjoyed a picnic. A picnic man is what I am.

Zheng-Da University in Muzha if you don’t want to walk too much. Take a taxi from Qizhang or Muzha MRT (5 minutes) to front gate. Head up the road and keep going till you reach the top. To the right is a park. Just head up the little road 100 meters to the top of the little knoll. Great views and a small grassy area that’s nice. I’ve had picnics here.

the other spot would be the fairy footprint path near Jingmei MRT. Take MRT to Jingmei and take exit 2 I think. Head down road toward ridge. Turn left at end of road walk 200m or so and you’ll see the path heading up the ridge (there are also English signs about). I like the spot at the top where the flag is as there are some flat rocks to sit on with a fantastic view over Taipei. Might be a little more crowded though. This actually a better place to go around sunset. Hardly anyone goes up after dark but the path is still lit. Never been on a date up there but friends and I sometimes go up after dark and sit on the rocks overlooking the city and drink beer.

If you want something in the middle of the city, try Huashan culture park. Behind (north of) the main complex there’s a nice grassy area with a small pond. Nearest MRT stop would be Shandao Temple.

If you’re going to have the picnic on a weekday, then go for Daan park; it’s surprisingly quiet and sparse, especially in the middle of the day. But on weekends, you can forget about it.

On top of Elephant Mountain-great view and an easy climb.

Most parks are filled with screaming Taiwanese people on the weekends. Elephant Mt. just has old guys with towels around their necks listening to transistor radios.

Qintiangang at the top of Yangming Mountain. It might be a little cool right now, but in the sweltering heat of the summer, there’s no nicer place to be.