Good place for holiday at the beach on Chinese New Year

I’m looking for a nice place to stay for a few days during Cinese New Year. I would like to spend these days at a nice and warm beach like on the Philippines or Thailand.
My problem is that the travel times for the most places I know, are too long for only a few days trip.

Can anyone recommend me a destination which is convenient to go (from Taipei/Taoyuan Airport), and where I can have like a tropical beach? Thanks !!

This is surprisingly tricky because everyone wants to do the same thing at the same time. I would try one of the islands off of Coron (the town itself has little to recommend) or maybe Baco near Puerto Galera.

Thailand - Ko Samet

Phil - Puerto Galera or Subic Bay

I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but Thailand is about to have a civil war. The yellowshirts have announced that they will shut down Bangkok starting on the 13th and extending indefinitely until they get their way. Oh, and the redshirts don’t look like they’re going to sit back and chew betel nut while taking it up the arse.

Just stay away from the areas where protests are going on in Bangkok and you will be fine.

Puerto Galera … ndoro.html

Well if you want to go to Boracay, skyscanner is showing direct flights from Taoyuan to Kalibo (a couple hours from Boracay I think) for just under 7000 NT. That’s if you you fly next Thursday and come back the following Tuesday.