Good place to learn how to drive a scooter in Taiwan?

Hi kids,

  My girlfriend wants to buy a scooter and drive it in Taipei.  The thing is, though, that she's never been on a scooter before.  She's afraid that Taipei, what with its crazy traffic, might not be a good place to get comfortable on a scooter. She was thinking of going to Taroko Gorge, where you can rent a scooter, but is there any other places you'd recommend that aren't as far away from Taipei?  Somewhere semi-rural would let her get the feel of a scooter without the fear of being crashed into or run over.


Going to Taroko Gorge to learn to ride a scooter is like trying to pay a heavily armed epeleptic militant Muslim lesbian for a lap dance.

You’re just going about things the wrong way son.

Maybe it would be better to rent a scooter for a weekend and practice in a parking lot for a while before getting on the open road. PM Tash about scooter lessons she can fill you in.

See lots of people practicing there riding skills at the riverside park underneath the Cheng-Chen bridge.

I see lots of people practicing their skills on the streets. Sure they have a license, but it doesn’t mean they can drive.

If you come to Chung-Li I have a perfectly maintained 50cc scooter that’s been crashed more times than I can count. I live next to a park that has a huge cement landing pad for helicopters. You’re more than welcome to come here and practice on my scoooter for free. I can even throw in some pretty good advice. The scooter handles and runs fine. The body is just scratched/smashed up. So if she drops it…etc…I won’t mind in the least.

Penghu … definetely … flat roads … almost no traffic and not to many people walking by … save to say the least :wink: