Good places to buy second hand bicycles in Taipei?

I am interested in buying second hand bicycles? We are not looking for very pro bicycles just to be able to ride around the city and do some excercise.


Where do you close to?
Bicycle is much more regionality. (For normally use, we can’t ride 100 miles a day.) So, I think there is no 2nd hand bike market in Taipei. You can just walk and try to find the bike stores close to you. Especially close to the school. Please try to find an old shop, not brilliant one. And then ask them. Usually, there are only 1 or 2 2nd hand bikes for sale in a shop. Try if it’s fit to ur requirements. If not, goto next one.

I am also looking for a second hand bicycle store in Taipei, anybody knows any? I live in Da’an.

Across the street from 75 Jiantan Rd (Jiantan MRT) there is a junky-ish second hand bike and bike parts store. There are a few others in this neighborhood. If you want something fancy-ish, just walk into a Giant shop, they always have something on consignment. Or if you can catch my wife while I am away on business trip, she would love to sell you all of my bikes at a ridiculous price just to get them out of the apartment. How about just using U-bike? I see they are installing a lot of them around the city. My wife keeps mentioning it. I think she has dreams of me getting rid of my bikes and only using U-bike. :frowning:

PS - If anyone ever comes across a 50-52 cm steel lugged Bianchi in Celeste Green and a divorce lawyer bundled together, let me know.