Good Places To Study Mandarin

I’m looking for places where it would be easy to chat with others or ask questions while I’m working on homework or practicing Mandarin.

I’ve found a couple where it seems ok to sometimes ask others questions. Starbucks in Gongguan seems ok.

Are there other places that would be responsive to occasional questions from a stranger? Maybe places that are heavily populated with students learning English?

I’ve looked at the LE boards but haven’t yet found anyone compatible with my schedule, etc.

i think most people are pretty helpful if you are just looking for help with the odd question. i’ve asked the security guards in my building, 7-11 workers, taxi drivers before and they have all tried to help.

i think, in general, people seem very happy that you are trying to learn the language and will be willing to help you out.

but coffee shops, tea shops, mcdonalds/subways around the universities are probably good places, especially if you want them to have some english ability.