Good Prices on Brand Name Clothing, at Outlet Malls or Other Places

Hey all,

Just wanted to know where one can find decent prices on brand name clothes in Taipei. Back in the States, I would just go to places like Marshall’s and Burlington Coat Factory and they would have awesome prices on brand name clothes. Here in Taiwan, the department store prices on name brand stuff like this is just ridiculous.

I am wondering if there are any good places such as outlet stores in the Taipei area where one can purchase name brand clothing at reasonable prices. I am looking for stuff like Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Lucky, etc. I have heard of an outlet mall in Kaohsiung, but are there any around Taipei? Most of the outlet stores I’ve seen are small and have crappy selection and most are for women. There is one in Tianmu that I have gone by but haven’t checked out yet. It’s close to Shipai station and if you are going up to Yangmingshan by bus from there, you pass right by it. Anyone know if that one is any good?

Is Costco a good option for this here? When I lived in South Korea before, you could buy name brand clothes for a decent price at the Costco, but the selection and sizes were often limited.

If anyone has some info on this, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’ve been here close to a year now and a lot of my clothes are starting to fall apart…

Will let others fill you in. But when i was in Taiwan , dept stores often have special sale items and those can be a deal. For casual clothes I went to Giordano and the such.

But if and when you are in HongKong. Thats the place for cheaper clothing. Clothes in Taiwan are generally quite expensive.

And you may have a hard time finding your size. Especially if you are using pants with waist size greater then 36 inches. Or you need a Western L or XL .

Taiwan sizes are often a size too small. An L in Taiwan is often really a M in the USA.

You could try Leeco. The larger branch is behind Neihu Costco and the smaller is in Gongguan near the water park. There’s also a Levi’s outlet (and a few others) in the Carrefour mall near Qizhang MRT.

Good call on that Carrefour. There are a bunch of other outlet stores on the first floor of that mall. Still gonna check out Leeco and see if Costco has decent prices on name brand clothing. Will report back later with my findings.

Leeco is a good tip. If you seek a preferred brand, just check the Corporate website for Taiwan and look for “outlet”. (or ask a fellow if Google Web-translate does not work)