Good psychiatrist near Guting?

Can anyone recommend a good psychiatrist. My wife (Taiwanese) was being treated for depression in the US and we need to find her a psychiatrist here. The most urgent thing is to get her a new prescription for her meds, but she would like it if we could find someone a bit more in the American therapist mode - i.e. someone who is a bit more personable, doesn’t present him/herself as the expert deigning to fix you, etc. We had great luck looking for an OB on forumosa (Beatrice Chen at Zhongshan), so we thought we’d check here. There was one person recommended up in Neihu, but we live near Guting, so that’s a bit of a haul. Anyone have any suggestions?

[color=green]Mod note: There are a few general threads on this HERE and HERE, which you should have a look at if you haven’t already, but since this request is for something nearer to Guting I’ve edited the title for clarity and left the thread separate. It should be a bit easier for your wife to find someone since needing English is not an issue. Good luck! – DB[/color]