Good Rollerblade Shops in Taipei?

Need some new rollerblades for here in Taipei and Friday night jaunts in Paris. Where to find good ones?

MonoClub (if it’s still called that :smiley: ) will fix you up with exactly what you need and won’t gouge you doing it. If this man could teach me to rollerblade that says a lot. Right across from the National Theatre on Aiguo Road, among all the wedding photo shops. Anyway, look for Geoff LeCren – he’s on these boards now and then as well.

Mono has changed their name to Skatepro, but they are still on Aiguo West, as above. Geoff’s the east Asian rep for Mission and Nike Bauer, who make some of the best skates, both inline and ice, in the business, so definitely the place to go if you are looking for something good.

ohh…are there any organised street skates here in Taipei? really miss the London ones…

None that I know of, but if you wanted to start one, I’m sure a lot of locals would jump on board. The pathways along the riverside would be a great place for something like that.

There are midnight weekend city skates in Singapore. Pretty cool to see the small streets in the city at night.

Not sure where else in Asia.