Good samaritan laws in Taiwan

I heard that oftentimes in Taiwan/China when someone has an accident or is hurt in public people won’t render aid for fear of being sued for causing the accident. I have not seen that in reality here, but I sometimes heard of this on the news.

In the West they have good samaritan laws that protects people who renders aid in accidents from malicious prosecution. Does Taiwan have similar laws?


i dont think its the law, as much as ppl dont want to get involved.
back in my home country, i once saw a car accident and called 911. the police officer that arrived told me “next time you can continue driving, now i have to ask you to come to the station to fill a witness report and you will waste half a day”

What’s your home country?

I saw this happened last week. Old man fall down and people near just keep walking.

Yes they do. I hear a lot of people who speak no Chinese and know nothing about Taiwan say that…好撒馬利亞人法

These laws protect you from anything necessary in situations such as rendering first air to smashing a car window to save an infant from being unattended in a locked hot car (not sure about dogs though).

The thing is that people often are too busy in their lives to spend 1 to 3 hours writing a police report and believe another will help.

That’s called the bystander effect… and it’s documented. If you see something and people are not already rendering aid, call the authorities at least.

I think as foreigners it is best to keep on walking for multiple reasons.

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Emergency Medical Act

Article 14-2
Except for the rescue personnel, the indemnification clause for emergency evacuation in the Civil Code and Criminal Code shall apply to people using the emergency rescue equipment or performing first aid measures for saving others from immediate life-threatening danger.
The abovementioned provision is also applicable to rescue personnel who are off duty.

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There are stories of people being sued for helping. I don’t have examples to hand, so I tend to think they’re apocryphal. Good Samaritan laws can be abused, too.


Happens often. I have many friends and family who have had troubles. I have had troubles 3 times helping, 1 time I had to pay the fuck because the police traffic light footage all of a sudden wasnt available.

That said, it is unethical not to help in an emergency. I will continue to help as I would hope people would help me in my time of need. living in fear of getting sued is a slippery slope for a society. I can see it being a bit scary. I gave CPR to a woman in a river a few months back that died, I imagine it would be possible to be charged with manslaughter or some such thing if the family were evil. I could see those situations as being quite worrisome for many, I also wonder the laws in such circumstances.

On the flip side, i record fucking EVERYTHING now, just in case. And it has come in useful an alarming amount of times :frowning: