Good sausage, or will make a batch with my recipe?

AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH, I met a gent near the chinese new year market, i forget the name of the street, (Dihua Jia?), that has opened a sausage company. He was a western guy handing out business cards that I promptly lost, so I’m looking for him now, eh. He said he would make up a batch of sausage from my recipe. It’s not smoked or anything, but damn tasty hot Italian sausage that my buds and I used to make back home once a year. I miss the hell outta that stuff, especially because it is the key to my spaghetti sauce.

Anyway, anyone know of where to get good sausage around Taipei or a company that would use my recipe to make up a batch for me?

Where is Mr. Sausage? :notworthy:

PM me for Mr Sausageguy’s number.

never trust a vegetarian :wink:

I’m a little nervous all of a sudden! Do I really want Mr. Sausageguy’s number? For the record, I did not request HIS number, but I will PM you in the hopes that my spaghetti gets its rightful flava back, even at the risk of my backside’s tenderness. :unamused:

Erm …

Any chance of sharing the cost of a batch of your Italian sausage? Because I’d love to cook up a pot of sauce and was wondering how the heck I’d be finding Italian sausage here…

So that’s where all those “rescues” go. :astonished:

Ha, just kidding up there, but thanks for the number Stray. I plan on calling him up soon and I’m actually very happy the small part of the proceeds go to help the animals. My mother works for a vet back in the states, and helps place a ton of pets back there in good homes. Anyway, I think it’s great what you guys are doing.


Ok, I tracked Mr. Sausage down thanks to Chris, and got his permission to post his contact info here. He operates out of his house, and can be reached at:


He sells by the kilo, at $450 per kilo for chorizo and bratwurst, for example, but you can get half a kilo each of two types if you like. He’s just off Bād

So were they tasty? What is the story with this guy? What are his specialty sausages?

Oh, he has Thai, Boerewors, Bratwurst (Wisconsin style), Chorizo (mild) and Wine and Cheese as his advertized types, but actually he seems very flexible and willing to make things to order.

I picked up brats, chorizo and wine & cheese. I tried the chorizo, and it is delicious. It’s fresh (not smoked, cured or dried), so it’s a bit different than what you might buy in Spain or Mexico, and it’s not nearly as spicy as what I’m used to (and not nearly as red), but it was really very delicious – closer to, say, a spicy breakfast sausage patty in the States, and very suitable for grilling on the barbecue and eating as a spicy sausage.

The spicy, moderately hot Mexican chorizo I’m used to, on the other hand, is not eaten that way AFAIK (unlike, say, some of the cured Spanish types eaten as tapas). Instead, you chop it up and stir fry it and add it to quesadillas, tacos, or scrambled eggs, etc… I tried this chorizo with scrambled eggs and it was good, albeit a bit mild, but I could have easily just added some chili powder while stir frying it, and gotten a similar result. I also tried using it to make a chorizo, doufu and creamy garlic soy sauce mix as a side dish, which was very very good.

I’ll probably ask him to quintuple the paprika in the next batch, and add some hotter chili powder too – and we’ll see how much closer that gets to what I’m used to. I haven’t tried the brats or wine & cheese ones yet, and will report back when I have. But so far, I’d give his stuff a big thumbs up! :slight_smile:

Mr. Sausage is still in business, and I’m happy to report that he was willing to make me an EXTRA spicy chorizo batch on request. Has anyone else here given him a try? Good stuff. :slight_smile: