Good Shows on Cable TV

I have satellite TV, but because it is difficult to record anything like a weekly scheduled time of different programs, etc, I have found it much easier to record Cable TV by using one of those DVD HDD recorders. On cable TV because there is a tuner inside the recorder, I can record up to 35 different scheduled time slots and no longer need to worry about missing a show if I go out.

Could you guys help me and possibly others at the same time to know what programs are on Cable TV in Taiwan that are also on this list of Top 20 shows in the USA: of course no need to limit it to shows on that list. Whatever you think is worth watching. There are also some great shows on the Travel channel like the “Thirsty Traveler” among others.

I can start by mentioning CSI: Miami on AXN Taiwan Monday through Friday at 8PM and CSI (Las Vegas) on Monday from 9-11 on AXN Taiwan. I also know that at the following URL I can get a TV schedule for most CATV channels that matter to foreigners in Taiwan. … v%20guide/ However, what I am really looking for is once someone told me that “Without a Trace” and I think “Cold Case” and maybe “NCIS” were on one of the channels that normally have only Chinese progrmaming until the late evening (ater 11PM). Can you let me know about these please. If you don’t remember the time, i should be able to check the Chinese websites.


You might want to check out this thread first: … c&&start=0