Good Sports Physio In Taipei?

Hey folks,

Could someone please recommend a good sports physio in Taipei? Been dealing with a hip injury for some time now.




Do they have to speak english?

No, Taiwanese is fine

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I’d go see Dr. Edward Chen. He’s a chiropractor and sports therapy doctor with a Pilates studio. He was Taiwan’s Olympic doctor during the Reagan years. 臺北市南京東路二段165號 Appointments: 25062955
No insurance and 1000nt per visit as it’s been for the past 20 years. He’s very honest and will tell you if he can help you or not.



is Dr. Chen still at the same address?
I went there today just to check but found a hotel only.
Also, I’ve called the phone number on Wednesday afternoon but no one picked up.

He should be there although he does take a vacation in the summer with the kids. I see a typo! 02 2506 3955


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Dr. Hang is excellent – former UCLA athletic team doc.

This is where I’ve been today.

Hang is good but his physios are pot luck. I’ve had good ones there but also useless ones.

Ok, today finally someone picked up the phone.

Well, it turns out Dr. Chen is not practicing anymore.
He retired.

I’ve used these guys before. Standard physio, ultrasound etc. Nanjing Guangfu.

Good to know.

Went for a visit a while back… had injured something around the shoulder blades while bouldering. Wasn’t terribly impressed. Gave me a pamphlet of stretching exercises to do and he didn’t really spend much time trying to figure out what the problem was. I suppose that if I felt like he was actually trying during my initial visit I would’ve at tried a few physio sessions with him.

I am licensed to practice physiotherapy in the USA and am currently based in Taipei. I can offer a mobile service as I have a portable manual therapy table. I was trained and worked at a othropedic/sports therapy specialist location in the USA.

My belief is that most musculoskeletal problems can be solved with knowledgeable manual therapy techniques while offering proper exercise education to make the adaptations permanent.

I’ve heard many stories of physiotherapists’ practices here in Taiwan, and I’m not impressed. Definitely seems like they filter people through protocols rather than treating people individually. I’m a person that cares about my health and improving the health of others around me. If I wasn’t able to help, I wouldn’t charge anything and try to guide you in a better direction.

Feel free to contact me:
Line app: @jmmoorman

Enjoy your day : )

This is the most recent thread but, in searching for a chiropractor, the guy who had the best recommendations here…was arrested for being a chiropractor.

I need to see a physio for some gluteal tendinitis. Have any formosans found any good physios that they would like to recommend for sports rehab? Thanks

I used these guys last year…I’d say they are more general physio rather than specialist sports phsyios but they were excellent and sorted out my problem within a few weeks