Good storefront locations that don't blow the budget?

Going rate for first floor storefronts in Taipei for areas with lots of foot traffic seems to be 8-10k/ping/month. Any ideas for locations with good foot traffic that aren’t quite so expensive? Looking in the 25-35 ping range. Good foot traffic is a strong requirement.

That would depend one what kind of shop you have. Some cheap areas are perfect for certain types of businesses and the foot traffic is a lot. Night markets spring to mind, but those would be awful locations if you care about what your shop looks like or is next to.

The popular night markets are pretty pricey, and a lot of them the store fronts are hidden behind all the cart vendors out in front. This business would initially need visibility and foot traffic to attract impulse buyers.

I didn’t say night markets were good. I only used it as a example of how it is important to know what type of business it is and how that will determine where to put your shop.

Regarding a part of Taipei that has a lot of foot traffic and is cheap too, that doesn’t exist. Good luck in your quest.

If applicable, you can find a store that has enough space for the existing store and your store to coexist. Often you will find odd combinations like a Doctor’s office sharing an eyeglass area or a self serve restauarant that has a coffee shop in the front corner too.

also, if you are in the know, find out what big store will open in the future like Breeze shopping center and find a place near it. Usually there is a trickle down effect of shoppers in the area.

If you want to know the ShiDa area just let me know.