Good Swimming Pools in Guting (Or nearby)

Hi all,

 Live near Guting Station and I know of the Shida swimming pool but after having checked it out, the times that the public can swim in it are so constricted I just can't make time in my schedule for it.  Anyone know of a relatively uncrowded cheap pool to swim laps in?  Btw I'm getting chubby so I need the exercise and prefer not to share the pool with 100 screaming kids gawking at the tall fat waigoren.  Thanks all.

Search the forum for “ntu swimming pool.”

As far as I’m aware, for non-members that pool is $500 NT per session right?

Wow thats alot. Im going to go check out Dongmen near CKS today, I’ll let y’all know what its like. Im just looking for a pool to swim laps and hopefully burn off some energy and fat. And yes, I have read all the scientific studies concerning the weight gain/loss after swimming in cold water, however, I’m just recovering from a broken ankle and I don’t think that I can handle the strain and stress of mountain biking/BMX just quite yet so instead I’m going to go swimming for a while until I get fit enough to ride my bike again.

If u live near guting, then perhaps u can take the MRT to Zhongshan station. There is a sports centre there which charges 50 NT per hour for the gym and $110 NT for use of the pool (a very clean pool too).

I have no clue how far Guting MRt is from Guxing street, near the Youth park, but the swimming pool is Olympic size and there are 3 lanes reserved for laps only
Price is very cheap, water is checked constantly, no luxury but just a good place.

Is the new Dongmen sports centre open yet? They used to have an amazing open air olympic size swimming pool there. I can see the new centre looks like its about to open. Anyone checked it out?

As someone above posted - Youth Park is the way to go.

As well as the indoor pool with lanes for laps, there is a large pool outside which is all lap swimming.

It’s about 50NT, but prices vary at different tiimes.