Good Teaching Jobs Disapearing?


Hello, just wanted some info about searching for the better teaching english positions in Taiwan. I have read on many other message boards that the english teaching scene in Taiwan is not what it once was.(probably due to more competion over jobs) Just wondering if those who have been teaching in Taiwan for a while could reply and let me know if there is any truth to this notion.


Teaching english jobs are not disappearing. They are always there, cuz there are always people leaving for their home country, or local teachers quitting.

Average pay is about 6-700 NTD an hour. If you are getting a monthly fixed pay of 30-40000NTD to work full time you are being exploited. But to get that nice hefty hourly pay full time, you have to try to accumulate hours. Usually you can’t go into a job expecting full time hours to be available. You have to accumulate them. But starting out the pay is still decent. Better if you juggle two schools. Then you have more opportunity for getting hours. Maybe school A doesn’t have any free hours for you to take, but school B a teacher quits and you can take their hours. thats all I can say for now…hope it helps.