Good trainspotting spots - North Taiwan/Taipei area

At the risk of sounding like an absolute anorak, anyone got any suggestions for good places to go to have an afternoon trainspotting?

I suppose any station will suffice, but I’d quite like something like a bridge overlooking a line that has a lot of freight trains (I always like them more) to get a good view of them clattering along.

I know there is a fairly large marshalling yard at Qidu and whenever I’ve took a train trip, I often see freight trains along the lines in that general area. But do the freight trains tend to come from Keelung, or from the southern lines past Sijiaoting station?

Finding a spot near Sijiaoting, Badu or Sankeng was my idea.


I like this topic. I’d love to sit on a hill and watch trains go past.

Lots of times when I ride the train or High-Speed Rail I see a spot thinking I’m going to go there and watch trains but I haven’t closed the loop to go there later.


You can watch the trains come right into the literal town at Shihfen.

It’s like Taiwan’s Hanoi.

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There’s a rice paddy just before Gongliao where the photographers shoot trains from.


Can see trains everywhere in Taiwan but where are the spots where you can really get a big view.

It’s something that’s been in my mind for a while, but either not been arsed to go or just having other things to do has stopped me. But I figure this weekend, I have nothing else on, I figure I’ll go and find a spot. Somewhere hopefully with a nice view—I know Ruifang area has some nice views but I don’t know how many freight trains go chundling through there. The times I’ve cycled around there, I’ve only ever seen passenger trains.

Shihfen is good, I enjoyed it there. Was cool seeing them go by. I’m hoping to find a place they’ll be going more at speed. But yeah, Shihfen is great.

Looking at google maps, around Gongliao looks like a good spot. There looks like there’d be some nice views as it goes along past the paddies and along the Shuang river. That’s one I will look into.


I often see trainspotters along that stretch from Ruifang to Gongliao.

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Neili has a few pedestrian overpasses over the tracks.

This one is in Old Taoyuan


Shulin South has lookout points.


They must sit in the Yard all day, as apart from Cement related products, very little Freight moves by train during the day at least. I see about one a day each way through Yingge, seems to have a Northbound mid-morning and a Southbound mid-afternoon, both pretty short usually with an Electric Loco and a Diesel Loco on the front - it seems the Diesel is there for when they move wagons to sidings that don’t have wires above.

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Some good suggestions here. Which one I go for depends on my level of laziness on Saturday, and whether it’s raining.

Shulin South looks good as its near a marshalling yard/repair depot of sort sort it seems, so might see shunters at work, and, as a bonus, it’s quite close to a small mine museum/park I’ve been meaning to check out for a while now.